Seitsman Humans


The Seitsman, or Seits for short, are the indigenous people of the Shimmering Isle. Originally tribal peoples, the first king of the Seits organized and protected his people from the terrible brutish nations and barbarian hordes over four thousand years ago. The Noblesse have dominated the lives of the Seits for over 2,500 years. The Seitsmen make up the peasantry of the land, and are considered serfs and vassals of their Noblesse lords. Many resent the Noblesse, but this system has been in place for hundreds of generations. It is not likely to change, and most have accepted their lot in life. PC’s may adopt whatever attitude towards the other races as befits their character. The majority of the Player Characters will hail from this subrace. Seitsmen are generally short, ranging between 5’ 2” and 5’ 8” for males, slightly shorter for females. They usually have a ruddy to bronze complexion with brown or reddish brown hair. Some, especially those who hail from the north, have red to blond hair with fair complexions. Being a Seitsman does not mean that the character is a serf or vassal. It is remotely possible to be from such a lineage, but this must be worked out during the creation process of the character, with the DM, and choosing an appropriate Social Station.

Seitsman Racial Traits:

Ability Adjustments: +1 Dex or +1 Str or +1 Con, -1 Cha. Seitsmen are hardy and agile people, but not as cultured as Noblesse.
Medium: Seitsman are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Seitsman have a base speed of 30 feet.
Bonus Feat: Seitsmen gain one bonus feat at 1st level from the list of feats normally available to your role.
Talented: +2 to two Craft or Profession skills.
Favored Feats: You may select two feats from the Warrior or Expert role as favored feats. These feats are available to you regardless of role.
Suggested Feats: Talented, Skill Focus, Skill Training.
Oath of Fealty: You are part of the feudal system and must swear an oath of fealty to a noble in return for his protection. Usually this oath is satisfied through military service but some other task could be asked of you. This oath is considered a Virtue and when your lord calls upon you to perform a service you will gain 1 point of Conviction (up to your current maximum) for answering his call to the best of your ability. You will not be paid monetarily for serving your lord.

Automatic Language: Common. Illiteracy: Seitsmen must spend a skill point in order to be able to read and write in all languages based on the common alphabet which they know. Literacy for additional alphabets may be purchased with bonus languages, or by spending ranks to become literate. See Language (Skill).
Bonus Languages: Regional language, Banter, Caelic.

Explanation of Racial Background Features

Seitsmen hail from the following kingdoms: Kingdom of the Lake, Kingdom of LeFleur, Kingdom of Rötbaum, Kingdom of Drakus, Kingdom of Waelund, Kingdom of Norlund, Kingdom of Cael.


Seitsman Humans

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