Racial Background Features

Racial Backgrounds have a number of features that influence and modify a character’s traits. The features a racial background may have include:

Ability Adjustments

The racial background adjusts some of the hero’s starting abilities from the normal baseline score of +0. Generally speaking, a racial background should only increase or decrease abilities by +/–1 and should decrease an ability for every increase in equal measure.

Note that these ability adjustments are to the baseline or starting ability scores. The player can spend the hero’s ability points normally to raise the scores. However, the adjustment also affects the maximum score the hero can have, since players cannot put more than 5 of the hero’s starting ability points into any one ability score.

Bonus Feat

A racial background either grants a bonus feat of the player’s choice or two bonus feats that are part of the racial background and cannot be changed. The bonus feats in the latter case are listed in the race entry. These bonus feats must be general feats or favored feats for the racial background (see the following).

Bonus Skill

A racial background either grants a bonus starting skill of the player’s choice, two bonus starting skills that are part of the racial background, or one bonus feat that is part of the racial background. The latter two options are set by the DM and cannot be changed. The bonus skill(s) can be any available in True20 and the hero’s starting rank in the skill(s) is 4 (level +3), as usual. Bonus skills from a hero’s racial background do not provide an extra skill point per level.

Favored Feats

A racial background grants access to two favored feats. These are feats the hero can acquire regardless of role, even if they are not normally available to that role. Since general feats are available to any hero, they are never favored; favored feats are chosen from the adept, expert, and warrior feat lists. Optionally, a supernatural power can replace two feats for this purpose, using up both of the racial background’s favored feats. The character does not have to acquire the racial background’s favored feats; they’re just strongly associated with the racial background and common to it, therefore always available as an option. If a player selects a favored feat that can be taken more than once (such as Tough), then he can do so as often as he wishes to expend feat slots on it and the DM sees fit to allow it. Favored feats use the character’s total levels in lieu of role levels where role levels are a factor; for example if you choose Inspire as a favored feat, you use half your role levels instead of half your expert levels to determine how many subjects you can inspire. This also applies to adept levels; you use your role levels in place of your adept levels for any supernatural power chosen as a favored feat.

Suggested Feats

This list of feats are common to members of this racial background.

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Racial Background Features

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