Noblesse Humans


The Noblesse are a race of humans from a vast nation a thousand leagues across the eastern sea. They conquered the native peoples of the Shimmering Isle over 2,500 years ago and became the ruling class. The exodus from the Noblesse homeland ended over 40 generations ago, and contact was completely lost. Now the bloodlines, which were once pure, are dying out. Up until several generations ago, it was socially forbidden for a Noblesse to marry one not of his blood.

When Noblesse breed with other humans, their offspring are not considered Noblesse, and by law cannot inherit property or titles. This half-breed is either considered the subrace of whatever non-noblesse blood the other parent belongs (Seitsman or barbarian) – or are born into bastardy.

Noblesse are in general taller by six to eight inches than a Seitsman. They generally have fair skin and hair, which sometimes displays a golden hue when caught by the sun. The angular features of the Noblesse are difficult to disguise, and few would ever mistake a Noblesse for any other race.

The Noblesse as a class, look at the other races as beneath themselves, and as a rule will choose to only associate with members of their own race (this is a general cultural trend, and Player Characters need not be snobbish – although it will make for some challenging role playing).

Note: Playing a Noblesse does not mean that the character is a member of Nobility. Most player character Noblesse will be lesser sons (or daughters) from lesser houses, whose parents are not officially titled or landed. It is remotely possible, however, to be born into a ruling house, but this must be worked out during the creation process of the character, with the DM, choosing appropriate Feats, such as Benefit (Status).

Noblesse Racial Traits:

Ability Adjustments: +1 Wisdom or +1 Cha, -1 Dex; Noblesse are wise and noble but their large frames are less agile than other races.
Medium: Noblesse are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Noblesse have a base speed of 30 feet.
Bonus Skill: Choose two of the following skills at 1st level, in addition to those gained for the hero’s role and Intelligence score: Diplomacy, Handle Animal, any one Knowledge skill, or Ride. Your hero’s starting rank in these skills is 4 (level +3). Bonus skills from a hero’s background do not provide an extra skill point per level.
Favored Feats: Greater Attack Focus, Inspire.
Suggested Feats: High Born, Leadership, Wealth, Benefit (Status).
Oath of Fealty: You are part of the feudal system and must swear an oath of fealty to a noble in return for his protection. Usually this oath is satisfied through military service but some other task could be asked of you. This oath is considered a Virtue and when your lord calls upon you to perform a service you will gain 1 point of Conviction (up to your current maximum) for answering his call to the best of your ability. You will not be paid monetarily for serving your lord.

Automatic Language: Common, King’s Tongue. Noblesse are literate in all languages based on the common alphabet which they know. Literacy for additional alphabets may be purchased with bonus languages, or by spending ranks to become literate. See Language (Skill).
Bonus Languages: Any.

Explanation of Racial Background Features

Noblesse hail from the following kingdoms: Kingdom of the Lake, Kingdom of LeFleur, Kingdom of Rötbaum.


Noblesse Humans

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