Greenbond Humans

Greenbonded2The Greenbonded are an ancient race of humans, and get their name from the mystical connection they have with the natural environment. To most of the citizenry, the Greenbonded seem to be roving vagabonds who live by trading with and performing for the populace of the land. Usually part of a Greenbond house, tribe or camp, they travel the faire and festival circuits, and wander the wilderness. They are considered barbarians and outcasts by the Noblesse, and even the Seitsmen and other less civilized humans treat them with fear and disdain.

The Greenbond patrols travel in packs of 30 or so mounted men, and often cause stares and rude comments as they pass by. When a troupe advances from town to town, they usually travel in carts and wagons, which are a part of their flavorful culture. They often set camp outside a town or village for weeks at a time, while their patrollers forage the wilderness seeking game and other resources for their tribe. The Greenbonded are well known for their strange Gypsy-like music and dances, as well as for oral performances of the history of the world as they see it. Most people distrust the Greenbond, because their culture is very different from other, ‘decent’ people. Greenbond ways are strange to outsiders, and poorly understood by most. Many members of this race have been persecuted by the Pantheist League, and the Church often charge them with practicing heresy. No matter where or when a Greenbond is seen, there will always be mutterings by superstitious individuals regarding the practices of necromancy and demon tainted rituals.

GreenbondedIn actuality, the race of the Greenbonded are self-appointed protectors of the land, with a history that predates even the ancient Berutherans. They maintain several base camps, not unlike tent cities, deep within the wilderness. From there they appoint members of their race to patrol the wilderness searching out and destroying agents of evil and corruption.

The support teams in their wagons and carts set up in areas that can support such a group, and teams of patrollers rove the wilderness and cities alike, using their racial abilities, knowledge and training, to detect and destroy anything that poses a threat to the natural balance and the harmony of the land itself.

Being a hot-blooded people, rivalries form, and enmities exist between Greenbond camps. Though blood is rarely spilled, fiery competition, hatred and anger, and many a brawl find their way into the various camps and patrols. They see themselves as the protectors of all other races, above their petty political squabbles. As such, the Greenbonded try not to involve themselves with the affairs of the Noblesse. They see the scornful remarks as coming from those who are unenlightened, and usually ignore such comments, unless the antagonists threaten the safety or wellbeing of the tribe. In such cases, the problem is solved swiftly and force is used only as a last resort.

The Greenbonded are fiercly loyal to their race, and relationships with non-bonded races are looked upon with utmost disdain, and frequently when a youthful Greenbonded dallies with an outsider, the outsider and the youth are physically separated and never allowed to see each other again. Such are the ways and customs of the Greenbonded.

Greenbonded3Most Greenbond adults possess an ability to sense the health and well-being of the land by use of an ability called Groundsense. The members who possess this ability may project their senses to determine the heath of any life essence within the range of their ability. Groundsense may also be used to aid in determining the health of living creatures, and some Greenbonds have learned to match their own grounds with that of others so as to aid in the healing process. Moods and truth may also be sensed from others, although any with groundsense may tell if they are being probed. One may dampen one’s own ground to become undetectable by others who possess a similar ability.

Greenbond humans use weapons normally allowed by their class. The knife or dagger is a favorite weapon, as it is easily concealable. Swords and axes are also used. They don’t recognize the notion of ‘civilized’ weaponry, and thus don’t usually carry rapiers and like weapons. They never use polearms or most two-handed weapons. Greenbonded never wear armor heavier than studded leather. No matter what their starting class, they start with Armor Proficiency (light) and no other armor or shield proficiencies. They may lean these feats normally. Greenbonded love to wear gaudy jewelry and colorful scarves and clothing, and both men and women wear their hair long and elaborately braided with ribbons that have cultural signifigance. They outwardly strive to earn enough in trade to make or buy a Greenbond cart or wagon, for which their people are renown.

Greenbond Racial Traits:

Ability Adjustments: +1 Con or +1 Wis, -1 to any Ability of the player’s choice. The Greenbonded are hardy and perceptive people.
Medium: Greenbonded are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Greenbonded have a base speed of 30 feet.
Bonus Feat: Greenbonded gain one bonus feat at 1st level from the list of feats normally available to your role.
Favored Feats: Jack-of-All-Trades, Mind Over Body.
Suggested Feats: Dabbler, Talented (Acrobatics and Sleight of Hand) or Talented (Perform (two specialties)), Groundsense.
Clan Ties: The Greenbonded have a strong bond to their tribe. They are loyal to each other and can always count on one another at all times. A Greenbond will always have refuge when needed, and the tribe can count on them in time of need. This applies to all members of the Greenbond’s house, and all allied or friendly houses. This is considered an Allegiance (granting you a +2 Allegiance bonus on all interaction checks with those of your clan). In addition, Greenbonded gain a +1 circumstance bonus to all skill checks while engaged in activities within their camp. The resources and camaraderie in the Greenbond camp is unrivaled.
Shunned: Greenbonds are misunderstood and distrusted. They suffer hatred and intolerance from the Noblesse, and are treated with caution or outright feared by the Seitsmen. The Greenbonded take a –5 penalty to all interaction checks with Noblesse, and a −2 penalty with all others, unless they are in disguise. Bluff checks may also be required. Also, each Greenbonded are considered to have enemies with at least one rival Greenbond camp, house or tribe. This rivalry might be an individual, or the entire clan. This Blood Feud is considered a Complication, and satisfies the requirement for your first level character. You may instead choose the Outlaw Complication, granted by your Greenbond Character’s social status, meaning this rivalry will remain in the background until your outlaw status has been resolved.
Automatic Language: Common, Bondtoungue. The Greenbonded are literate in all languages based on the common alphabet, and the runic barbarian alphabets which they know. Literacy for additional alphabets may be purchased with bonus languages, or by spending ranks to become literate. See Language (Skill).
Bonus Languages: Any.
Live Off the Land: Being gypsies and vagabonds, Greenbonded suffer an additional -1 penalty to their starting wealth.

Explanation of Racial Background Features

Greenbonded hail from the following kingdoms: Kingdom of the Lake, Kingdom of LeFleur, Kingdom of Rötbaum, Kingdom of Drakus, Kingdom of Waelund, Kingdom of Norlund, Kingdom of Cael.


Greenbond Humans

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