Paperwork and Artwork Incentives True20

During the course of the campaign, as incentive for a richer gaming experience, players will be rewarded for their participation outside of the gaming session. Players may earn rewards for their characters in any of the following ways:

  • I may occasionally hand out Surveys to track the direction of the campaign by the players. Completing and returning the survey will yield a reward.
  • I appreciate it when the players provide me with fleshed out backgrounds, and a log of their character’s view of the campaign, whether in the form of Letters or Journals, Diaries, Memoirs or the like. The entries can be in personal journal form, as a letter to a loved one or patron, in diary form, or any other form your character would choose. The style may differ from adventure to adventure, and should be written from the character’s perspective.
  • Creating your character background, beyond anything game specific I may have created, will also earn bonus Conviction (and perhaps other in-game story benefits), depending on the content as well as when the background is turned in relative to the start of the Campaign. Include character history, origins, etc. You may include family history, interesting events prior to the start of the campaign, or anything that helps define your character. Fleshing out your character is encouraged. This may be presented in any format you desire. During the adventure, excerpts adding to the background will be accepted as your character develops their personality. For example, Bertrand Poxdun discovers that, during play, he has a tendency to disdain bounty hunters. His player may decide to keep this attitude for the character, and a background story may be added regarding an incident in his youth involving bounty hunters mistaking a close friend for a criminal.

The Rewards

The primary reward for submitting items is represented in Conviction points. The standard reward is One (1) Conviction point, added to your character sheet for one session of play. This raises the number of points your character has access to for that session, and gives one bonus conviction point (as Conviction totals carry over from session to session). On occasion, your character may be rewarded the bonus Conviction for more than one session, depending on the detail of the submission. It is possible for your character to have a number of extra Conviction points in any given session.

  • Initial backgrounds write-ups earn one (or more) bonus Conviction point(s) for the first few sessions (the DM will determine the amount and duration of the reward).
  • Journal Entries are worth one Conviction each, awarded upon receipt, for use in the next session only. Only one such award will be given per gaming session. (If you do run behind, you may turn in entries retroactively, and you will be rewarded for them, but multiple entries for the same session will only yield one reward).
  • Providing original artwork for your character or for use in adventure synopsis will garner your character one point of Conviction for the following session.
  • Providing a painted miniature for your character will give your character one point of Conviction for the following three sessions.

Additonally, your characters may earn in-story rewards. Interesting entries might spur the DM’s imagination, and the entry might effect how others see (and treat) your character. These in-story rewards might be given as prestige amongst NPCs, monetary rewards, gifts, or other actions or items determined solely by the DM. In the same light, a well written story might also bring about negative reactions (which will still earn the Conviction), and such entries may affect the character’s story as well. The objective is to have fun, and encourage the players to become involved in their character’s story and take part in the creation of the world.

Any art or journal entries may be emailed to, provided in person at the gaming session, or posted here on the Obsidian Portal website. Journal entries should be prompt and timely. Late entries may receive delayed rewards. The journal needs to be on electronic medium (disc, email, attached file, etc.). Any artwork submitted should also be in electronic format.

It is the intent to post the background information and journal entries on the Obsidian Portal website to browse while online. This website is open to the public in regards to intellectual or artistic property rights.

General Gaming Information

Paperwork and Artwork Incentives True20

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