Whether it’s luck, talent, or sheer determination, heroes have something setting them apart from everyone else, allowing them to perform amazing deeds under the most difficult circumstances. In Shimmering Kingdoms, that something is Conviction. Spending a Conviction point can make the difference between success and failure.

Gaining Conviction

A character’s starting Conviction is equal to his or her Charisma score, plus 1. The character’s starting Conviction increases by 1 every two levels. This means someone with average (+0) Charisma starts with 1 point of Conviction. Negative Charisma means a “debt” of Conviction the hero must “pay off” until the Charisma score plus starting Conviction for level is a positive number. So a character with below average Charisma (–1) has no Conviction until reaching 3rd level (when the character has a starting Conviction of 1).

Using Conviction

Unless otherwise noted, spending a Conviction point is a reaction, taking no time, and can be done at any time. You may spend only one Conviction point per round on any given benefit, but may otherwise spend as many points as you have available. You can spend Conviction for any of the following:


  • One Conviction point allows you to re-roll any die roll you make and take the better of the two rolls. On a result of 1 through 10 on the second roll, add 10 to the result; an 11 or higher remains as-is (so the second roll is always a result of 11-20). You must spend the Conviction point to improve a roll before the Narrator announces the result of your roll.

Activate Core Ability

  • Activating your role’s core ability costs one Conviction point.


  • You can spend a Conviction point when performing a challenge. If you do so, you ignore up to a –5 penalty or +5 increase in Difficulty from the challenge. In essence, you perform the challenge as if it were a normal check. If the challenge imposes a greater Difficulty increase or penalty, you only ignore the first +/–5.

Heroic Feat

  • You can spend a Conviction point to gain the benefits of a feat your hero doesn’t already have for one round. You must be capable of acquiring the feat normally, meaning it must be a feat available to your role(s) and you must meet all the prerequisites. For feats that can be acquired multiple times, you gain the benefit of one acquisition of the feat by spending a Conviction point. When a player spends a Conviction point for a Heroic Feat, the expenditure provides use of the feat for 1 round or the stated duration of the feat (if any), whichever is greater.

Dodge Bonus

  • You can spend a Conviction point whenever you are denied your dodge bonus, but are still capable of action (surprised, flat-footed, and so forth). In this case, you retain your dodge bonus until your next action.


  • Gain an additional standard or move action, before or after your normal actions for the round (your choice). Using this extra action does not change your place in the initiative order. You can use a standard action gained from a surge to start or complete a full round action in conjunction with your normal actions for the round.

Cancel Fatigue

  • Any time you would suffer fatigue (including the effects of using powers and extra effort), you can spend a Conviction point and reduce the amount of fatigue by one level (so you’re only winded by a fatigued result, fatigued by an exhausted result, etc.).


  • If you have suffered damage, a Conviction point allows you an immediate recovery check for your worst damage condition. The Conviction point just allows you to make the check immediately; it does not add any bonus to the check result.
  • While disabled, you can spend a Conviction point to take a strenuous action for one round without your condition worsening to dying.
  • A Conviction point also allows you to immediately shake off a stunned or fatigued condition.

Escape Death

  • Spending a Conviction point automatically stabilizes a dying character (you or someone you are assisting) although this doesn’t protect the character from further damage.

Regaining Conviction

Heroes regain expended Conviction points in a few ways:

  • First, heroes regain one point of Conviction each day. The player chooses a time appropriate for the hero, such as in the morning, at midday, at sunset, or at midnight. By default, heroes regain Conviction in the morning (representing the renewed hope of a new day).
  • Second, heroes regain Conviction by acting in accordance with their Nature. When a hero successfully does something in accordance with one of his natures that affirms his conviction, he regains a point of Conviction. The Narrator decides when an action is appropriate for the hero’s natures and awards the Conviction point if the hero is successful.
    • Note that heroes can follow either of their natures, virtue or vice, to regain Conviction, and the Narrator may occasionally use this to put temptation in a hero’s path. A good hero with a vice of Greed might have the opportunity to steal, for example, and regain Conviction. If the hero steals to further his goal, he gets a point of Conviction, but also has to deal with the consequences of his actions. Likewise, an otherwise amoral character who shows an unusual kindness or streak of honor may be following her virtue to regain Conviction. Which nature a character chooses to follow most often, tends to indicate what kind of person he or she is.
    • Note also that Conviction may be regained when a character’s Complications or Drawbacks come into play. These are rewards issued by the GM, but the player may request consideration for a reward.
  • Third, the Narrator can award the heroes Conviction for a particularly impressive success or achievement in the adventure that renews confidence and faith. Overcoming a difficult challenge or solving a complex puzzle might give the heroes a burst of inspiration in the form of renewed Conviction. The Narrator chooses when to do this, but it should only happen once or twice in an adventure, and may not occur at all in some adventures.
  • Fourth, a hero can regain Conviction by achieving the turning point for a Complication.
  • Fifth, a hero with the Devout feat can regain Conviction in one of several ways by adhering to their faith..



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